Open House
Wednesday - August 28, 2024
1:00 - 3:00 pm

Our philosophy...

Duvall Montessori School was developed to meet the social, intellectual, physical and emotional needs of children. We offer a child-centered environment in a warm, loving, and secure atmosphere where children are treated with respect. After skills have been thoroughly demonstrated, children are free to make their own choices and work to their own levels of achievement, fostering independence and self-awareness through repeated experiences of personal success and mastery.

We are dedicated to helping each child develop the skills, habits, attitudes and ideas which are essential for a lifetime of creative learning. These children will become independent individuals with a strong sense of who they are and they will be able to improvise and use their creativity in working and learning. These traits will stay with them throughout their lives and be a solid foundation upon which to build their futures.


Vicki Gohring is the owner/teacher at the Duvall Montessori School, having acquired it in 1994. She has 25+ years of teaching experience using the Montessori Method. Mrs. Gohring received her Montessori Teaching Certificate at Spring Valley Montessori School in Federal Way through the University of Puget Sound. Jonessa Gohring is also a Certified Montessori Teacher and has been assisting and teaching for 5 yrs.


The curriculum consists of practical life activities, math, language, sensorial materials, geography, general science, botany, zoology, arts and crafts, music, spanish, and computers. Monthly themes are also incorporated into the program.  Field trips, holiday parties, birthday celebrations and other special events are scheduled throughout the year.

The school is a house with a large backyard playground with a vegetable and flower garden that the children maintain.  We also have pets the children help care for in a quiet, calm, loving, and  homey atmosphere. 

The Montessori method helps develop the whole personality of the child.  Exploration is encouraged in a safe and accepting atmosphere.  Children, given the freedom to make their own choices in the Montessori classroom, develop independence and self-confidence.  The Montessori materials stimulate children to think for themselves, which encourages, originality and creativity, and fosters a love of learning. The Montessori Method is a preparation for life, not just for kindergarten or first grade.

We are currently enrolling new students!
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